What about going to your wedding in one of the most romantic cars that ever existed? We suggest you celebrate the most beautiful day of your life with the mythical 2CV, a car as majestic as it is elegant. Known as the “lovers’ car”, the 2CV is a classy, simple and elegant vehicle. This very romantic car will offer you an incredible moment. Your arrival on board this original and legendary car will be of the most beautiful effect. Moreover, think of the beauty of the pictures that can be taken on board and next to this more than photogenic car. Thanks to this chic vehicle with a historic reputation, treat yourself to an incredible arrival at your reception venue. Our 2CV will be decorated and you will be able to enjoy a ride through Paris in this unique car. Turn this moment of travel into an unforgettable moment, which will delight your guests as much as yourself.

Trust Paris Limousine Service

We have been specialists in the field of exceptional cars for over 20 years. Very professional, we will know perfectly how to meet your expectations. Our cars, in perfect condition, are both elegant and refined: they will offer you a moment of luxury to make your arrival a spectacular moment. Our drivers are professional and courteous and will drive you safely. If you need any information, please do not hesitate to contact us: our team will answer your questions with kindness. If you are celebrating the most beautiful day of your life in Paris, and you want your wedding to be exceptional, don’t hesitate any longer and call on our services for a high quality transport on board an incredible 2 CV.